The Shield Vs John Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback

This is a match that a lot of people have been waiting for because it’s only the second time The Shield has fought since their arrival on the scene. This is also a match that every wrestler that has been harmed by the Shield is waiting to watch as the three biggest entities in the WWE (Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback) are looking for revenge against the group that claims it serves justice. It’s also the first time that there is going to be rules in a match with The Shield which may give them the advantage over Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins.

This match I was building up as The New Megapowers versus The Shield, but Michael Cole calls them the WWE All Stars. Ryback keeps reminding me of the Ultimate Warrior with John Cena being this generations Hulk Hogan. The match began with the all stars attacking the Shield before they could enter the match with them hitting a triple vertical suplexes on the members of the shield. Sheamus started the match with Dean Ambrose and he took him to the woodshed. That was until Roman Reigns entered the ring and they went to work on Sheamus. Sheamus would create some separation from Ambrose and he would tag in Cena with Ambrose tagging in Reigns again. Cena would go to work hitting the five knuckle shuffle and locking in the stfu on Reigns  but Ambrose would come to the rescue. Rollins would get tagged in and he would take his time with his strikes and it almost backfired on him, but they would keep Cena down. Roman Reigns would come in next and he hit Cena with a big slam and tried to cover Cena. Sheamus would break the count and Reigns would jaw jack with Sheamus allowing cena to get back up, but Reigns would put an end to that with a big Samoan drop. Out of desperation, Cena would drop Reigns, but Cena took too long to get up as reigns would clothesline him back to the mat. Ambrose would get tagged in again and they have worked Cena which is unusual because you would never expect that. After throwing Ambrose  over the rope, Cena was finally able to tag in Ryback who cleaned house. Roman Reigns would come in and he would derail Ryback and Sheamus would try to help out, but he was speared threw the announcers gate. Meanwhile in the ring, Cena delivered the AA to Ambrose and Ryback had Rollins up for a shell shock until Reigns speared Ryback causing Rollins to fall on top of Ryback and Rollins would get the 1-2-3 for a big victory for the Shield.

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