Wrestlemania 29: Brock Lesnar Vs Triple H

aWe all remember what happened to Triple H the Raw after WWE Extreme Rules and what happened to him at Summerslam. Triple H has had a lot of time to think this over and after what happened to Vince at the hands of Brock Lesnar, Triple H found his reason to comeback. The only setback is that if he doesn’t beat Brock in the No Holds Barred match at Wrestlemania 29, he would be forced to retire and never return to the WWE again. This is a hard pill to swallow for someone, but with The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels in his corner, I know the WWE universe will be pulling for the King of Kings.

tThe odd thing about the beginning of the match is that Shawn Michaels came out first followed by Brock Lesnar. I do have to say that Lesnar looks a lot better as far as his shape is concerned. Would Heyman go 0 for 2 in the night or would Lesnar pull off the win and force Triple H to retire. Both men would trade punishing moves as the match became very physical right from the get go. At one point, Brock took over hitting a belly to belly suplex on the outside followed by a suplex right through the announcer’s table. Brock never looked back as he continued to dominate Triple H. Every time Triple H tried to comeback, Brock was there to stop him. Finally after some time, HBK was able to be a distraction and Triple H took over. At one point, Brock tried to hit the F5 on Triple H, but HBK came into the ring to try and hit sweet chin music, but he got the F5 instead. Triple H would take advantage and he would hit the pedigree, but Brock would kick out.

t2Triple H tried to get the hammer, but he got the F5. Don’t worry Triple H fans, he kicked out only to see the punishment begin again using a steel chair and the steel steps to his advantage. When Triple H tried to create some separation  he was put into the kimora lock three times with Triple H breaking it three times. Triple H gained a little breather throwing Brock into the steel post shoulder first followed by a low blow. Triple H then grabbed a steel chair and smashed Brock’s elbow followed by him locking in the kimora lock. Brock tried to break the Kimora lock by slamming him on the steel steps, but Triple H countered with a DDT on the steps. When all else fails, grab a sledgehammer and hit him with it and then follow it by a pedigree on the steel steps which is what Triple H did for the win.

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