Wrestlemania 29: Jack Swagger Vs Alberto Del Rio

a4Ever since he came back and won the Elimination Chamber match, Jack Swagger has been a man on a mission and who knows who can stop the rejuvenated machine. Swagger and his new mentor Zeb Colter have made no bones about their intentions to be controversial in their attacks on world heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio. As controversial as the comments are, their is no denying that Swagger is focused and intent on winning the world heavyweight championship, but hey may have pissed off the wrong man in Alberto Del Rio. Whose America is going to win tonight?

Zeb Colter started speaking out against what he believes is not real Americans saying that people that speak Italian, Greek, Chinese, and Spanish are stealing and plotting something against the country. Sorry Zeb, but a lot of what you named built this country. It looked Del Rio was going to bring the pain as he was beating the heck out of Swagger until Colter distracted him. Jack took advantage of the distraction with big clotheslines and even a swagger bomb. He wouldn’t hold the advantage for long as both men would go back and forth hitting some big moves. Swagger at one point was able to lock in the patriot lock and Del Rio countered into a cross arm breaker, but Swagger would counter that with the patriot lock. Del Rio would grab the ropes to break the hold and would hit Swagger with a big kick and would try for the pin, but Zeb Colter would place Swagger’s leg on the rope. Ricardo Rodriguez would confront Colter and Del Rio would go to the outside to protect his friend when Swagger hit him from behind. When Swagger entered the ring, he was immediately placed into the cross arm breaker where he would tap out giving Del Rio another successful title defense.

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