WWE Table, Ladders, and Chairs 2012

aaThe WWE did the right thing at the beginning of the broadcast by ringing the bell 26 times for the families and friends of the victims of the shooting at Newtown, CT. I thought that was a classy move on the part of the WWE. The big match of the PPV was the six man tag match that featured The Shield taking on Ryback and TeamHellNo in tables, ladders, and chairs match at the brand new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. The other match of interest was the Ladder Match for the money in the bank briefcase that Dolph Ziggler possesses as he puts it on the line against John Cena.

aa3The first match of the night was a number one contender’s match for the WWE Tag team Championships in a tables match as Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara took on the Rhode Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow). Of course, before the match started, the Rhode Scholars had to blabber about facial hair and becoming the next WWE Tag Team Champs. Rey and Sin Cara were in control of the match in the beginning suing the table to their advantage until Cody saved Damien from going through a table. After the Rhode Scholars dominated the match, Rey started to gain Momentum and even passed it on to his partner. Unfortunately, when Sin Cara went to spring board himself off the top rope, Cody was there to push him off into the table in the holy S*** moment of the match.
aa6The next match on the card was for the US heavyweight championship as Antonio Cesaro defended his title against R Truth. Cesaro, the former rugby player, dominated the match right from the start trying to continue his domination over American wrestlers. After getting his head slammed on the turnbuckle, R Truth channeled his best impression of the 80’s version of Hulk Hogan or Hacksaw Jim Duggan. R Truth almost had a victory after an impressive scissor kick, but Cesaro kicked out. Then, literally minutes later, Cesaro nailed R Truth with an uppercut and the neutralizer for the win. After the match, Cesaro insulted the crowd by telling them they were pathetic and that booing him was like booing themselves. We were then treated to an addition of The Miz TV as he brought out 3MB as his guests. He tried to interview 3MB, but that ended up being a disaster as 3MB went to the outside. They picked on the Spanish announce team until Alberto Del Rio came out to save the day. Eventually, The Miz involved himself in the beat down prompting 3MB to challenge them to find a partner for a match.
aa7I have to say that I am a big fan of Wade Barrett because his in ring ability impresses me. He was in the next match as he challenged Intercontinental Champ Kofi Kingston who was channeling the Killer Bees with his yellow and black outfit in my opinion. Kofi Kingston has been impressive as of late, but Wade had the advantage coming into this match after their altercations before this match. Barrett had control right from the start using his brute force to his advantage until Kofi was able to recover with his high flying abilities. But before you could blink, Barrett was back in control after an impressive back breaker. Kingston would eventually regain control and almost took the match with the SOS, but Barrett kicked out. At one point, Barrett went to finish off Kingston, but Kingston countered with Trouble in Paradise and he got the 1-2-3 for the win. CM Punk was in the house as he revealed a new t-shirt just in time for his match against The Rock at The Royal Rumble that says Knees to faces instead of boots to asses. He talked about how he was the best and how Ryback was lucky that he injured him.
aa9The next match of the night was the match I was waiting for and it was the six man tables, ladders, and chairs tag match between Ryback and TeamHellNo going up against The Shield in their very first match together. An associate of mine (whose also a wrestling fan) mentioned something to me and I believe him now. I used to call Ryback the Goldberg wannabe, but he is the brand new PG era of WWE’s version of The Ultimate Warrior. The Shield had a very ECW and Sandman like entrance into the ring as they came through the crowd. The beginning of the match was intense as The Shield had to fight there way into an advantage. They managed to isolate everyone so that they could fight each wrestler in a 3 on 1 situation. Kane and Daniel Bryan would eventually have a two on one advantage on Roman Reigns until Kane was isolated in the ring. One of the holy s@#$ moments of the match was the double suplex that Ryback delivered to two members of the shield. Another holy s@#$ moment would come minutes later as The Shield delivered a triple power bomb to Ryback through a table. Minutes later, they delivered a double superplex to Daniel Bryan off of a table that was on the top rope.
aa10Kane, later on in the match would choke slam Ambrose through the chair. Roman Reigns would spear Kane through the time keeper’s wall. The Shield would deliver a facimer to Daniel Bryan on the chair. Eventually, Ryback would come back and he dominated the match taking out the Shield one by one, but the numbers game would come back to haunt Ryback. That was the problem for most of the fight, if Rybacks team would gain an advantage, The Shield were back in it to dominate. Another holy shit moment, Seth Rollins would climb the giant oversized ladder to jump off of it because Ryback was laying on top of the ladder. The only problem is that Ryback came to and climbed the ladder and through Rollins off of it into the tables. Meanwhile, in the ring, the rest of the gang power bombed Daniel Bryan through a table, eventually covering him for the win. This was the greatest match I have seen in a very long time.
aa8I don’t get how you could follow that match with a Divas match, but they decided to do that as Eve Torres defended her title against Naomi, who won a battle royal during the preshow to earn the right to face Eve. I can’t deny their athletic abilities, but these matches are just plain boring. Smoke break is in order. The next match that was worth watching were the chairs match for the World Heavyweight Title match between champion The Big Show taking on Sheamus. Sheamus had a smart strategy as he started the match dominating the Big Show by keeping the giant down Until the Big Show kicked a chair into Sheamus’s face. The Big Show would cut off any advantage Sheamus would try to take until Sheamus introduced the chair leading him to body slam the Big Show. Sheamus tried to go to the well one time too often with his shoulder slam with the chair into The Big Show as the giant speared him on the second attempt. Sheamus started to gain an advantage by punching it out with The Big Show until he was choke slammed. The Big Show would deliver a splash of the middle rope onto Sheamus who had a chair on top of him, but he kicked out. Then out of nowhere, Sheamus delivered the White Noise to the Big Show on top of the chairs, but The Big Show kicked out. Sheamus tried to deliver the Brogue kick, but he got the KO punch from the Big Show, but Sheamus kicked out. All of a sudden, the Big Show went to the outside of the ring where he pulled out a giant chair that he used to hit Sheamus with that led him to the victory.
aa11So, at this point in the night there were absolutely no title changes which made me wonder of Cena would have any success. The next match was between 3MB taking on Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, and a partner of their choice. I was shocked when The Miz announced that their partner was the Brooklyn Brawler. It started to work as Del Rio had the advantage until he tagged in the Brawler. Heath Slater would slow down the Brawler with a kick to the chest. The Miz would regain the advantage for the team delivering the skull crushing finally to Jinder Mahal. Instead of covering him, he tagged in the Brooklyn Brawler who would lock in the Boston Crab (Re-dubbed the Brooklyn Crab) for the win.
aa12It’s really no surprise that John Cena was headlining the PPV since CM Punk was injured and celebrating his 392 day as champion in a private box. I don’t know about you, but I believe that Ziggler is the future of the company and I was hoping that he would retain the Money in the Bank briefcase against Cena. The beginning of the match was a test of wits between the two as each respectively showed off. I saw John Cena try a monkey flip which was executed well, but I have never seen him do that. I will say whoever made and sold those chairs to the WWE was making a lot of money after tonight’s pay per view. There was an over-abundance of chairs, ladders, and tables. The advantages went back and forth as Dolph would do it to buy time to set up the ladder and after discovering a cut above his eye, Cena used everything around him to punish Ziggler. After some exchanges involving their fists, Dolph put the sleeper hold on John. Instead of going down, Cena climbed the ladder all the way to the top where he would eventually go out causing the both of them to fall (Cena went through the table). One of the holy shit moments of the match, John Cena lifted Dolph Ziggler over his shoulders with Ziggler still on top of the ladder. After Ziggler brought in the ladder, Cena locked in the STFU onto him. Even though the only way to win was climbing the ladder, it was a smart move on Cena’s part. After Ziggler woke up, Cena tried to deliver the AA, but Ziggler countered with the Zig Zag. After taking too much time trying to bring a table and set it up, John was able to deliver the five knuckle shuffle which usually leads to an AA, but Ziggler would counter that again with a beautiful DDT. We thought that we might see Ziggler climb the ladder, but Cena managed to regain his composure and he was able to knock Ziggler off the top. Although, Cena couldn’t take advantage either. Cena would deliver another move in the match that I never saw him do before and he delivered a hurricarana to Ziggler causing him to go through a table. At one point, Ziggler tried to deliver the super-kick to Cena, but he countered with the AA. Vicky Guerrero came to the ring to try and hit Cena with it, but AJ came to the rescue. Just as Cena tried to climb the ladder, AJ knocked Cena off the ladder. Dolph would climb the ladder to retain the Money In The Bank Briefcase. Bravo, the right man won the match!!!

The best match of the night by far was the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match between The Shield and Ryback with TeamHellNo. That is definitely a candidate for match of the year and it would be a shame if it wasn’t because they set the bar for the rest if the night. I give the pay per view a B- overall because the matches that followed weren’t bad, but it couldn’t top the six man tag match I just spoke of. So, the next pay per view is more than a month away and it’s going to feature CM Punk defending his title against The Rock at the main event of the Royal Rumble. I can not wait for that because it’s the return of the great one.

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